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Cargo Consultancy & Port Captaincy

  • Expedite cargo activities with safety as top priority

  • Assist Masters in hold / tank preparations, cargo stowage plans

  • Provide supercargo services to protect and expedite vessels cargo load/discharge readiness

  • Screening of vessels for suitability of voyage – Charterers inspection

  • On/off hire, Draft, Bunker Surveys

  • Undertake Pre Purchase Inspections & reporting Suitability of ships

cargo consultancy

Safety Audits & Technical Inspection

  • Internal audits

  • navigation audits - in-port & sailing audits

  • pre-vetting inspections

  • vetting inspections

  • pre-purchase inspections & valuation

  • environment audits

  • technical inspection

  • pre-cdi inspection

  • pre-engagement inspections

  • bunker surveys

  • terminal inspection

  • port/ berth accessibility inspection (port/ berth assessment)

  • pre-tmsa audits (for shore establishments)

  • safety condition assessment (ensure your assert value)

  • charterers inspection (when time is money)

  • flag state requirements/ inspection (assisting in better governess)

Navigational Audit

The biggest risk facing a ship owner is a major navigational incident in spite of the fact that the techniques for safe navigation are well known. When these techniques are professionally executed, navigational risks are reduced.

Reporting is comprehensive and includes a full assessment of navigational performance, with positives and negatives highlighted and clear recommendations made in line with best practice. We can supply our own format adjusted to the circumstances of the audit, or follow a specified/provided format.

sefety audits
Navigtional audit

Underwater repair  operations

Here are some basic types of underwater diving services –

1) UWILD Inspections –
The submerged part of the vessel is inspected thoroughly to prevent any serious damage to the vessel, life, and goods aboard the ships. As opposed to the typical dry docking methodology, the UWILD inspection is done using commercial divers at sea to save time and cost. UWILD inspections act as a major preventive maintenance step, indicating if a vessel is complying with all the safety standards and is or not prepared for a voyage.

2) Maintenance and repair –
Long voyages, the weather, and the passing time can take a toll on the vessel. Just like any other infrastructure or vehicle, maintenance work is essential for it to last longer. This particular service is carried out by a commercial diving team. It can include all kinds of underwater repairing work, salvage in water removal of wire chain and line from the running gear, etc.

3) Hull cleaning –
Hull fouling is perhaps the most common problem in regards to the submerged structures of the vessels. It is caused when the marine plants and animals get tangled with propellers or the hull of the ship. This can affect the performance and fuel efficiency of the vessels. Hull cleaning is done to undo the hull fouling by teams of commercial divers having respective expertise.

4) Other activities –
Underwater services can be needed for multiple possibilities and purposes. Some other things that commercial diving is used for are, loss Anchor search, bow thruster cleaning and polishing, side sonar scan and recovery, cutting & welding services, propeller polishing, sea chest cleaning.

underwatr repir

Benchmarking & Pre-purchase Inspections

  • Pre-Purchase

  • Condition

  • Charterers Pre-Hire

  • For P&I Clubs

  • Pre-PSC

  • Pre-Rightship

  • Pre-Vetting

  • Incident Investigation


Marine Asset Integrity Solutions

  • We develop integrity and maintenance management plans that identify the best methods and the optimised frequency of inspection for reducing costs while maintaining your assets in their best-possible state.

  • We have leveraged our decades of experience in topsides, hulls, and subsea infrastructure to develop tailored programs for structural integrity management, process plant integrity management, and subsea asset integrity.

marine asset

Machinery, Electrical and Hydraulic repairs

  • Repair/Refurbishment of Hydraulic Component/Equipments, Motors & Pumps/Actuators, servo Valves and Control Systems, Power Pack like submarine mast and vehicle ramp of RO-RO ships.

  • Repair & Refurbishment of steering & stabilizer system & Hydraulic cylinders upto 350mm dia and 400 bar capacity.

  • Overhauling/Installation of switch gear, PCB, control gear, Panel & Bus bars.

  • Installation & Overhauling of Deck & Gantry cranes.

  • Overhauling and installation of Tugger winches, Anchor handling, Towing winches, & Windlass.

  • Flushing through (Fluid Flow) & Installation & Erection of hydraulic systems for industrial & marine applications.

  • Electrical Cabling and Terminations on Connectors.

  • Overhauling of Galley Equipment Increasing Height Shoes .

  • Overhauling of solenoid operated quick closing valve (photograph)

  • Installation of Electrical equipment in ships.

machinery, electric

Navigational Equipment repairs and Radio survey

  • Annual GMDSS Radio Survey

  • Annual Performance Test of VDR (Makers Furuno, JRC, Headway, Rutter, Highlander, Kelvin & Hughes)

  • Annual Gyro Compass (Tokyo Keiki, Yokogawa, Anchutze and Various Makers)

  • Annual Radar Maintenance

  • ECDIS Upgradation

  • All Type of Radio, Navigational and Communication Equipment’s repairs by well Experienced Service Engineers

navigtional equipment

Ships & Terminal Inspections

  • International Inspection focuses on integrating its services seamlessly with the requirements and processes of classification societies, repair specification engineers, shipyard personnel, port engineers, and marine personnel.  This makes us the inspection company of choice to meet any marine structure maintenance needs, including:

  • Classification and/or Owner-required Thickness Measurements

  • Hull Condition Surveys

  • Steel Renewal Weld Inspections

  • Repair Specification Development

  • Shipyard Repair Supervision

  • Piping Surveys

  • Coating Condition Assessment

  • Pitting Corrosion Surveys

  • In House OSHA Marine Safety Training

ship and terminal

Marine Casualty & Accident Investigation

A marine casualty means an event, or a sequence of events, that has resulted in any of the following which has occurred directly in connection with the operations of a ship:

  • death or serious injury

  • loss of a person from a ship

  • loss, presumed loss or abandonment of a ship

  • material damage to a ship

  • stranding or disabling of a ship

  • collision

  • material damage to marine infrastructure external to a ship that could seriously endanger the safety of the ship, another ship or an individual

  • severe damage to the environment, or the potential for severe damage to the environment brought about by the damage of a ship or ships.

marin casulty accident

Ship Management

Being operated by the experts from the Maritime fraternity, we closely understand the maritime industry. We provide the efficient, cost effective, professional & quality Ship Crew Management Service and Ship Technical Management Services. Our ship / Crew management wing is certified as per the standards of ISO9001 & MLC. We are fully committed to provide the highly qualified & committed seafarers as per the specific requirements of the clients.




ship mangement
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